Go Ahead.
Wine All You want.

Introducing vine 32
Wine + Graze Bar


Embracing a novel approach to the way we select, consume, and enjoy wine, Vine 32 offers a rotating selection of 32 wines, in as little as 1oz pours— a small commitment to allow new wine tasters and explorers the ability to experiment and find something they enjoy.


There are no cardinal rules when it comes to wine. We believe you don’t always have to stick with your usual brand, but we also recognize how uneasy it can be to commit to a full pour or an entire bottle of something new. We also believe in comfort—both physically, and in our environment. That’s why Vine 32 offers the perfect little nook to kick off an evening on the town, or wind down after with a nightcap. A casual space for coming together with loved ones, but also a retreat to sink into a good book or crank out tomorrow’s agenda.

At Vine 32, find something you love. From the rolling hills of Sonoma, to the antiquitous region of Montalcino, Vine 32 brings it to you – one sip, and ounce, at a time.