Great wine should be accessible by all.

Who We Are


We are wine lovers, not wine elitists. We don’t believe in recognizable names. We believe in wines that are sustainably grown, produced with minimal intervention, and taste delicious. We strive to highlight the hidden gems from small producers that may not receive the visibility from big box establishments and every corner restaurant.

We believe in the value of community and strive to be a space where positive energy is embraced and paid forward. And most importantly, we believe that great wine should be accessible to all.

What To Expect


Sip, Sip Hooray!

We are an open space and have flexible seating. Please walk-in, no reservations required! However, we can accommodate larger parties of 8 or more if you would like to call ahead.

How It Works

Check-in to grab your card and start your journey.

  • Insert card into slot
  • Put glass under spout
  • Push button to receive pour in 1, 4 or 6 oz increments
  • Remove card when finished

Swirl, sip, enjoy, repeat!